Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Foam Roller

After running through, what I thought was a great class...well I taught it, so...well anyway...

At the end of class tonight, I had a client with a question..."What is the point of the foam roller, and does it really do anything? I talked to my doctor and he said..." well that's how the conversation started.  And I will be so bold to say, that I'm sorry, but is your western medical doctor an athlete? Let western doctors, preach western medicine, but let athletes and coaches do there job.  We're here to help you after all.

So I had to go and research it myself. On the spot he wanted some reasons, so I had to hold strong on the spot, be assertive and confident in my knowledge and give him the best answer I could, while trying not to be intimidated by what I thought was a bit of a quiz...he is a podiatrist himself. So here was my answer.  "Foam rolling helps to prevent injury, lengthen muscles, break up scar tissue and adhesions that are created as our muscles grow and tear, and it helps to break up lactic acid."  I thought hey, I gave him a good answer. He said, "I can see the adhesions part, but I don't think so about the lactic acid, you would have to do..." well you get the point.  It was the first time in my experience where for one, I felt like I was being quizzed, in addition to challenged for what we were doing.  Hey, I'm here to  help you and share my knowledge with you.  If you're not receptive to helping yourself, that one my friend, is on you.

So after a quick little investigation and refresher today on foam rolling, I was totally pleased when I confirmed that my knowledge of foam rolling is legit. I'm here to help, but hey Google is available for all.  Do your own research.  And remember, your coaches are kindly sharing their education.  I may not be wearing a white collared shirt and a tie, well I'm not a man either, but one word....RESPECT.

  • myofascial release
  • break up of scar tissue and adhesions
  • lengthen muscles
  • mobility
  • massage
  • break up of lactic acid
  • injury prevention
  • prevention of muscle cramps
  • improved flexibility 
  • improved joints range of motion
  • relieve pain from IT Band syndrome and shin splints
If you're not foam rolling...why not?

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