Friday, September 28, 2012

C2B Pull-Ups, aka Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

So this summer, after my adventures with Mel Mel in South America...I spent some more time with Mel Mel down in Newport Beach...over a week in Newport...a week at Orange Coast CrossFit, and a weekend at The Games.  Life was unbelievable....I even did Bikram Yoga in Costa Mesa at College of India at The Camp!  Love their studio...

Anywho, this summer...I could not for the life of chest to bar pull-ups.  I remember training with two friends, and they were surprised that I couldn't do them, for how "advanced" I was, quote.

So last night in my training schedule, my coach had programed 35 C2B pull-ups...I didn't know if I could even get one! here's what happened...I got one...I flew up high and hit my chest!  I was so stoked...but I didn't get just one...I did a total of 40 C2B pull-ups!  No, not strung small sets...let me have my moment, a PR is a PR, especially going from NO C2B pull-ups!  So so stoked!  Had more in me too :)

This came with regular weekly strict pull-up practice...usually totals of 35, now I do pull-ups twice a week, plus ring pull-ups, etc.

This could not come at a better time too...the week had been extremely trying on my soul after a disastorous and toxic work related meeting...

Love that quote I's perfect...

Programming by Jocelyn Forest, Co-Owner with her husband, Kyle Haynes @ Santa Cruz Strength

I'm a Writer...It's Official

My love for writing has finally taken on an official role....

Check out the following story I did on pro-snowboarder, CrossFitter, and RX-STAR founder, Aly Willier...on!

She is so inspiring to me and her life style and mindset is beyond words.  I love her!

Click on the link below:

Pro Snowboarder Avoids Hip Replacement Through CrossFit

Although the original story has so much more detail and the official editing phase cut it way's still a phenomenal story.

There is also an outstanding video on her inspirational story...

Click on the link below:

Aly Willier Overcoming Obstacles

To learn more about Aly Willier, check out RX STARS.


Aly Willier - Pro-Snowboarder

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Fancy that!

Just two weeks ago, I finally had a break through on my cleans, which transferred over as well to the snatch!

Breakthrough in a Nutshell:
Do you ever notice how Olympic lifters rock back into their heels in the set up position, right before the lift?

This is key.

I have been watching and observing my amazing friend lifters...they all are pretty amaZeballs, and they all ROCK back in their heels before the lift!

So what does this do?!

This rocking back into the heels creates tension on the loads the hamstrings and glutes!

This is so essential! Without it, you are extremely limited.

Now, it's a matter of dialing in on that technique, getting comfortable under heavy loads, and getting strong as hell!

Hope this helps!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

When Good Things Happen to Good People

Last week when I was at work, I sat there thinking...I need to make more money! This is ridiculous...I went back to school and earned my Master's Degree...I have my admin credential...Maybe it's time to buck up and see what's out there.

So I began my search. I could earn $20,000 more dollars using my admin. credential! What was I thinking, what had I been waiting for? So I searched and searched. I highlighted a solid handful of prospective jobs...I'm open minded. Some jobs were "over the hill", which means on the other side of the mountain...outside of Santa Cruz and into San Jose. The commute wouldn't be bad...I commute anyway from Watsonville to The West Side everyday anyway...(The West Side of Santa Cruz).

Then I checked my inbox on my Facebook page...Low and behold I had a brief email from "Joe", asking me if I'd be interested in writing for! I couldn't believe it! There I had been, worrying, ready to take action, when this opportunity literally fell into my lap! I was so stoked!

This was total irony...or coincidence, or serendipity! He doesn't know I have a blog, and actually totally love to write! So serendipity it is!

This is where I thank myself for all of the networking and positive relationships I have built with other people. I truly believe that you reep the seeds you sow, and here I was reaping some seeds. So blessed!