Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gluten Free Equals Allergy Free

My entire life, I have had year round allergies.  Since I was a little girl, I always had problems breathing through both nostrils.  I was even diagnosed with childhood asthma, and I had eczema as a little girl.  I would get itchy ears, an itchy throat, post nasal drip often caused sore throats, and I would snore.  I even had my tonsils and adenoids taken out when I was 11, as measures to alleviate the sore throats and snoring problem.

I was given prescriptions for all of these things...inhalers, daily allergy tablets, and nasal sprays.  Even when I was young, I thought this couldn't be right.  How could a human being be created to live upon this Earth and be dependent upon unnatural daily medicines just to do something normal, like breathe?  Therefore, I did not agree with taking daily allergy medicine.  I thought something else had to be wrong...

Fast forward into my 30s, when I stumbled upon CrossFit and all that encompasses it, including a Paleo diet…
The Paleo diet is a diet or lifestyle centered on the idea that our ancestors who were hunters and gatherers ate quality meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, little starches, and no sugar.  The timing for me couldn't have been better.  Before knowing about the Paleo diet, I began to consider the fact that people who used to walk this Earth, before modern day food distribution, mass production, and packaged foods ate what they hunted and what grew from the Earth, and how this makes so much more sense as the fuel that our bodies really need.

The Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet on my Allergies:
What Allergies?
  1. After incorporating a gluten free diet for three weeks, the first thing that I noticed was that I could breathe clearly through both nostrils!
  2. I don't remember at which point this happened, but the night time chronic coughing attacks stopped!  (I had been taking an inhaler at night from time to time because of the uncontrollable coughing.)
  3. And best of all I could not only breathe clearly, but I could smell again!  I first noticed this when I gave a friend a hug.  I could smell the yummy smell of her shampoo.  Then I realized I could smell the produce in the grocery store, the fragrance of orange orchards driving through the country, and the smell of my own home!
If I can help just one person, (I would love to help more,) with my story, I would be thrilled.  I wish someone could have told me this sooner, but I had to learn this all on my own by doing all of my own personal research, and there is tons of it out there.  It really makes me question modern day medicine, but I am reminded of the quote by Coach Greg Glassman, “Your doctor is a lifeguard, not a swim coach.”