Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I love...

I love the mountains...the Sierra Nevada mountains.  I love them because I have visited them since I was very young.  My grandparents had a cabin in Twain Hearte, and that became the family cabin where we had family reunions, winter holidays, skiing trips, and even Thanksgiving.  The most memorable smell of the cabin is the fresh mountain air from the pine trees that grew tall outside.  The most memorable thing about the cabin is happy memories of a healthy family.

I love the ocean - I love the ocean when it rains.  I love how storms churn up the salty sea and throw shells and driftwood on the beach.  I love the ocean in the summer, on a bright sunny day.  I love sitting in the sun on a surfboard on days like this...soaking up the rays and floating in the salt water.  I love the ocean in the morning, walking along the cliffs and watching the tide roll in and out, I love the surfers that are out in the water, eager to be in their happy place, I love this time of the day, when most are still in bed. 

I love summer - sprinklers, swimming pools, the hot rides, barbeque's, hot summer nights, campfires, guitars, laying under the stars
I love softball - softball since first grade, it's me, it's life, and I am so fortunate now to be coaching softball at Santa Cruz High School with one of the most amazing friends ever!
I love lifting heavy - I have always loved lifting weights or the idea of it...since it's a big part of my life.  I love it because it is empowering, healthy, challenging, rewarding, and me.
I love my family - my family kinda rocks!  My family's awesome, every last one of them, cousins, aunts, uncles, and all!  I am so blessed!
I love horses - amazing creatures, always dreamed of having one, so one day I did!  That was back in high school, what a Christmas present!  My parents are the best!
I love books - read for life, for knowledge, for power, self improvement, free mind
I love CrossFit - community, fun, fitness, competition, health, empowerment, friendships, long socks
I love being adventurous, and I love being active - Adventure is me!