Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Featured in this picture from left to right: Elementary student - soccer and football player,
Heidi - CrossFit Master's Competitor, Honey Badger - Timerie...she's a total badda$$ and totally humble,
Becca - High School Volleyball Player, Puff - Weekend Warrior & Hardworking Mom on the Go,
& last but not least...Pam Owens - she Works her A$$ off...she also is the mother of Cal Bears softball pitcher, Nikki Owens.  Pam gets fully outfitted and catches for her daughter...yep yep...a college pitcher.  No big deal. 
The Saturday strength and conditioning class
is sure to get your heart pumping,
your blood flowing, and your body sweaty. 
Come on down and check it out! 
This "Sweaty Saturday" class
runs every Saturday from 9am to 10am

Pam Owens - Mother of UC Berkley Softball Pitcher, Nikki Owens

Nikki Owens/Hot Blonde/Pitcher for UC Berkley
Featured on the left with Cal Softball Teammates

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