Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nutrition, I'm Pretty Much a GEEK

I'm pretty much a total geek when it comes to nutrition.  I absolutely LOVE learning about it, and I LOVE talking about it as well.  Of course, all in good company.

The nutrition journey for me...has been just that...a journey.  I have had to relearn food from what I used to think was healthy...back in my standard American diet days...low fat, whole wheat, etc. 

I have learned to consider my starting point, as the learning curve.  Depending on what your knowledge or beliefs are on the subject....that is the learning curve.  That is your starting place and that will be your journey. 

I have had the fortunate opportunity to be coached by and work with some amazing top CrossFit athletes, Jenny LaBaw of NorCal and Azadeh Boroumand of the South West.

 Through their different coaching styles their message was still the same....through all of my own research even when you're looking at:  clean eating, paleo, body building, primal, cutting, zone, losing weight...the trend that rings through and through in the fitness industry is quality meat, green vegetables, and healthy fat at every meal, and of course tons of water throughout the day.  AND eliminate all process foods.  Now my good friend Billy Bad Ass, would probably disagree on the meat part of the diet...he's a vegan body builder...yep, you heard me right VEGAN BODY BUILDER...check out his page.

Anyway, sounds simple right?  Well for those of us coming from the learning curve of eating the standard American diet, this information can sound foreign.  It's simple actually...AND it's fun!  So no matter what your learning curve is, stick with it!

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!"  With that said, go out and research for yourself...then plan and prep some yummy meals!

Azadeh Boroumand
South West

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