Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Broke Up with Training for Snow and the Mountains...My Other Love

Broke up with training for the weekend, but was able to hang out with another love...snowboarding and the mountains.  So blessed to be able to do what I love. seems as though I have fewer people in my life who like to go snowboarding, so this last weekend was super fun!  Plus I was able to spend the weekend in one of my favorite places...Truckee, Ca. 
Teaching friends how to snowboard means more friends to go to the mountain with, which equals a happy Britt Birch.  She did so well!  She had only skied one time prior to this day, and as you all know...they are nothing alike anyway.  Three times down the bunny hill, and we went up the lift.  The green diamonds ended up being way to I shifted gears and told her we were going down the blue diamonds, where she would be forced to put what she'd learn in her short session with me to use.  She did awesome!  And she loves snowboarding!  Yay!!!

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